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AJ Plast, s.r.o.


The history of AJ Plast, s.r.o. dates to the 1970s, when Adámek Jiří senior was commissioned to establish and lead a plastic press moulding company as an associated production of JZD Podlesí. As one of the first plastic press moulding company in the region, it was anenormous challenge and a step into the little-known problematic field of plastic injection moulding.


Company milestones:



start of the production as an associated production of JZD Podlesí


moving to the current company location in Hrachovec


separating from the JZD and establishing a new company: Lisovna plastů – Adámek Jiří


the starting year of employment of Adámek Jiří junior, the current successor, in the position of maintenance worker of injection moulding machines


ISO 9000:2001 certification


establishment of AJ Plast, s.r.o. as a successor organisation of Lisovna Plastů – Adámek Jiří


 taking over the management of the company by Adámek Jiří junior


the starting year of employment Adámek Jiří 3rd to teach him basics and get acquainted with the company


We can proudly say that our profession tradition can rely on long-term experience in plastic injection moulding and consider ourselves as a family business with long tradition and clear vision.


Thanks to the material and technical background, experience and professionalism of our employees, we can react quickly and flexibly on any needs of our customers. The highest quality of our products and customer satisfaction is crucial for our policy, that is the reason we can show off with many reputable work contracts for renowned customers.

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