AJ Plast, s.r.o. - Precise plastic injection

Production program

The company AJ Plast, s.r.o. is a manufacturer of precise plastic products.


We provide production of plastic mouldings from a wide range of different material on injection moulding machines with a clamping force up to 380 tons. Thanks to that, we can supply plastic products of weight up to 1 kg.


We are long-term and reliable supplier of plastic parts for the engineering, automotive, clothing, and food industries. We also take part in the production for the construction industry.

We are open for discussion in case of your requirements or questions on your product.

Phases of your new project



Order placement and testing, finding out all the requirements of the customer


Non-committal price proposal


Creation of design of injection mould


Construction, production, and sampling of the new injection mould, which will take place in the cooperation with our contracted tool factories


Final corrections of the product


Start of a serial production which will include assembly, packaging, and shipping based on your requirements