AJ Plast, s.r.o. - Precise plastic injection

Technology of plastic injection

Our company, AJ Plast, s.r.o., owns modern injection moulding machines for moulding plastic products. Thanks to our technology park we can supply plastic parts in a wide range of usage in electrical, automotive, construction or consumer industries.


We use a lot of modern electric and hydraulic injection moulding machines that come from renowned companies (Demag, Engel, Negri Bossi) which have a long tradition in plastic industry. Thanks to a wide range of plastic injection moulding machines, we can always choose an appropriate technology for the products. These machines allow us to create plastic parts that weigh from 3 grams to 1 kilogram.


The technical equipment which is necessary to ensure the quality of process (drying of the material, tempering of moulds, regulation of hot distribution, establishment of metal inserts, robotic manipulation with products) is of course available in the company.


We have a wide range of input materials from reputable suppliers, which are by the specific requirements of the end customer.


We work with a wide range of thermoplastic polymersincluding: PP, PE, PS, ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PBT, PC, PC + ABS, TPE, PVC, etc. We also include fillers, requirements for non-flammability, UV stability, etc., all of this according to the highest standards.

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